The brand

Lili Cabas

Leather goods designer in Paris!

Creation, exhibitions, the world and Paris in 2022
After having rediscovered, for some nature, trees, for others work at home, for the lucky ones both, we finally find culture and outings with friends: movies, shows, exhibitions, restaurants…
At Lili Cabas, we were able to find our way back to the shops and workshops.
Creation is our means of expression, creation is there, more alive than ever! We are lucky to be in Paris and to take advantage of many cultural events that nourish us.

In this spring of 2022, we have imagined new models, worked on our materials, and developed new ideas!
Long live the joy of sharing moments together, of finding each other, of being optimistic, happy and marveling at so many beautiful things!

Let’s take advantage of it more than reason, let’s create, let’s love!

Since the creation of Lili Cabas in 2004, we have been committed to produce as accurately as possible, to limite unnecessary transport of goods, and to produce in a reasonable and responsible way.

Who are we ?
Everything you always wanted to know about our brand Lili Cabas
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