Discover our hand-carried bags, which usually come with a shoulder strap to free up your arms and hands.

Discover our selection of hand-worn, handcrafted bags. Our handbags come in a variety of designs and materials to suit every style and taste. Choose a women's bag that reflects your personality for all everyday occasions: outings with friends, cultural events, special occasions... The Lili Cabas handbag accompanies all your outfits and lets you express your personality and your values. Choosing a Lili Cabas bag also means opting for a responsible production method.

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What are the trends for women's handbags?

Each of our handbags is the result of a long process of reflection, in which colors and materials are combined according to inspiration. Our bags are both elegant and practical, to accompany you throughout the day to all your appointments. Choose a handbag, tote bag or bucket bag to suit your mood. Each bag can be carried directly by hand or on a shoulder strap, depending on where you're going. A Lili Cabas women's handbag is the assurance of a chic and simple leather goods accessory that reflects your personality. In the same spirit, discover our complete collection of large leather bags.

How is your handbag made?

The Lili Cabas brand offers handcrafted leather bags with elegant designs and carefully selected materials. Our manufacturing process is the fruit of long reflection to offer leather goods refined finishes that respect the environment. Our women's handbags are made from soft, colorful leathers of diverse inspirations. Materials and colors blend to create original, contemporary bags. We use Italian leathers, mainly from Italy. Our aim is to bring out the distinctive character of each leather through our collection of leather handbags. We work with producers with strong values, who value the work of the men and women who work in our workshops.

How to protect your handbag?

Our handbags are made from Italian leather, a noble material with a long service life. If you want to preserve the beauty of your bag, here are a few tips to consider. The application of a colorless waterproofing agent to prolong the color and quality of your leather. The application of a moisturizing milk revives the colors. In case of stains, you can opt for a little water and Marseille soap. Finally, don't leave your women's handbag in the sun or in damp places for long periods, to avoid damaging it. But don't forget that the appearance of small scratches is quite normal over time, and gives your bag or leather goods accessory even more character.