Italian leather

Lili Cabas brand uses natural leathers coming mainly from Italy. These leathers are treated with non-chemical dyes ensuring ecofriendly manufacturing.

The leather, full grain cowhide, is soft and light since it has been lightly treated to leave it in an almost original state. Thus the marks and shades of colors, grain of apparent skins are an integral natural part of the skins, of their history and their singularity.

Outside of any ecological and sustainable development label, Lili Cabas brand is committed to produce fairly by carefully choosing its raw materials, its producers and by respecting the work of the men and women involved in its workshops.

The manufacture of leather products is carried out in a workshop on a human scale in Morocco.

Lili Cabas is commited to produce fairly

Leather care 

Our advices

In order to preserve the color and quality of the leather, it is recommended to apply a colorless waterproofing agent. Traces of handling (slight scratches) may appear with use are normal and gradually fade to acquire a nice patina over time.

To clean and revive the color of the leather, it is recommended to use a moisturizing milk. In case of stains, it is strongly recommended to act as soon as possible using a trickle of water and Marseille soap (avoid the leather absorbing too much water, this would cause the skin to dry out). If the problem persists, it is best to seek the advice of a leather specialist.

Be careful : prolonged contact with the sun, water, greasy substances, raw textiles or even ink is likely to cause irreversible damages (stains, discoloration, color transfers, etc)

Lili Cabas brand provides after-sales service for its leather products for two years. So don’t hesitate any longer, let yourself be tempted 😉

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