Our story

Lili Cabas Paris

“To propose unique pieces, quality and responsible creations, and allow each woman to express her personality and her values.”

Our story

At the very beginning of Lili Cabas

Lili Cabas is a French leather goods brand, created in Paris in 2004 by Gaelle Giard, a business school graduate, former consultant and passionate about crafts and bags!
Gaelle chose to create an original brand, full of life. She carefully selects the materials that make up her bags. Respect for the environment, control of transport, choice of workshops, beautiful manufacturing, are priority aspects for the designer.

The adventure began in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, a bustling cosmopolitan district, where Gaelle opened her first boutique in 2007. You feel at home in this former industrial premises that has become a real cocoon for customers. This place is at the same time a boutique, an office and the brand’s creative workshop. In the heart of Paris, it’s magic!


Alone at the start of the Lili Cabas adventure, Gaëlle first made her own bags in canvas, Liberty, velvet, wool… using her sewing machine! Quickly, leather, a more noble material, imposed to herself. Soft and colored leathers at first, the materials have evolved with trends and inspirations.
Gaëlle creates leather goods collections, according to travels, exhibitions, desires. It is also a permanent exchange with customers thanks to Lili Cabas points of sale. Feedback, your feedback, is valuable to us and thus allows the development of products or the improvements of certain existing creations.

The work on the mix of materials and colors makes Gaëlle and Giulia vibrate, who came for a few seasons to bring her creative touch! Both have fun and like to throw a touch of madness into the bags they create: python or crocodile style leather inserts, a mix of suede and grained leather. Their creativity is expressed freely in the workshop of the 10th arrondissement of Paris.
Having both lived all over the world, between the United States, Europe and Viet Nam, Gabon etc., their respective experiences and travels give them the opportunity to develop original and contemporary pieces, in collaboration with their faithful Moroccan manufacturer. To make them, they carefully choose Italian leathers in seasonal colors.

Lili Cabas signature

Graphic lines, a folk and urban spirit

Lili Cabas collections are the reflection of desires, travels, exchanges.

Eclecticism! The collections are both classic and refined, timeless. Others put forward a seventies accent with more rigid and urban shapes and retro cutouts. Some have a folk spirit, very gypsie, like an invitation to travel to more distant and relaxed lands. And finally, an Art Deco collection, graphic and spangled, pays homage to the district of the 10th arrondissement of Paris, cradle of the historic boutique Lili Cabas.

Materials and know-how

The small details that makes the difference

Italian leathers

The choice of materials, beautiful Italian leathers in seasonal colours.

Single & Unique liner

A nod to Gaëlles childhood in Africa, the bags are very often lined with very colorful wax.

Embodied creations

Originally, the models of the bags are called by a friend, an intern, an inspiration! Today, the names echo multiple inspirations. Karl Paquette, star dancer at the Paris Opera, inspired the Karl model. Farrah Fawcet, Dalida, are emblematic figures of mythical women and stars of the 70s. Carmen, Salma, Frida are Latin American icons who incarnate the Tulum collection.

The choice of freedom

A plural style

Lili Cabas is above all a story of desire, the one of giving life to materials, fabrics, wool, leather… to create THE perfect bag for every woman and for every occasion.
Wise shapes and discreet colors for the most conformists, design and original colors for the most daring, Lili Cabas creations come in all shades.

“The story of a bag is the story of a desire.
Locate, sublimate an object or a shape, a harmony of colors.
The temptation to create a contemporary, useful, practical and beautiful object.”



Real concept stores

Lili Cabas is a brand but also 3 shops that offer a whole collections of bags and small leather goods created by Gaelle Giard, as well as a sharp and fine selection of accessories and ready-to-wear.

The choice is made according to the style of the brands and their environmentally friendly production method. Organic materials are preferable. Lili Cabas is not labeled organic or eco friendly, but from the start, the production process has been strongly in line with this history and these values.




All you have to know about Lili Cabas

Lili Cabas collections 

Gaëlle is inspired by the world around her – her neighborhood (between Paris 10 and Brittany) her travels, different artistic movements… – to create her models. Go a long way with her by browsing the collections!

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Discover some of the collaborations that have marked the history of Lili Cabas. Also a great opportunity to meet a lot of great people!