Shoulder bags

The shoulder bag, otherwise known as a cross-body bag, is a bag that can be worn over the shoulder, or across the body thanks to its long handle. Very practical, it allows you to carry your belongings without having your hands encumbered. Discover the collection of shoulder bags at Lili cabas, artisanal leather goods manufacturer of leather handbags.

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Backpack vs. shoulder bag

Like the backpack, the shoulder bag allows you to be free with your hands and your movements. Very practical in everyday life, you can easily move around without being hindered. So whether you're Whether you're taking public transport or riding your bike to work, you won't be disturbed by the presence of a shoulder bag. However, unlike a backpack, a shoulder bag is held on the front of your body (more specifically, on your hip), giving you quicker access to your belongings. At Lili Cabas, we attach great importance to the fact that our women's leather bags are produced in a reasoned and responsible way, respecting our high-end craftsmanship.

What are the trends for the small shoulder handbag?

In your daily life, the cross-body handbag is the fashion accessory that enhances your outfit. Depending on your outing, the cross-body bag is the detail that adds charm to your style. At Lili Cabas, we offer a selection of cross-body handbags for every occasion. As you approach an important event, such as a wedding, an anniversary or a ceremony, discover our KARL model, a small, elegant and practical shoulder bag that we've made available in 16 colors so you can find the one that's just right for your outfit. For your daily outings, the CARMEN leather shoulder bag is designed to accommodate your personal belongings, thanks to its all-purpose size and timeless design.