Charentaises Leopard Style – RONDINAUD


Traditional Charentaises fused with a leopard print!



The must-have Charentaise with its modern imitation leopard pattern, wool interior and non-slip 5-chain woven felt sole.

Mixed, transgenerational but above all timeless, this slipper appeals to women and men, young and old alike! A timeless classic for the comfort of everyone’s feet, they can be worn indoors or out.

RONDINAUD Charentaises are entirely handmade in Charente (France) using the ancestral method of cousu-retourné.

Explore the history of comfort in La Rochefoucauld, where Théophile RONDINAUD created wool felt slippers. James RONDINAUD propelled them to world renown. Nestled between a verdant field and a charming old building on Départementale 73, La Rochefoucauld is the birthplace of Charentaises.

Originally designed for clogs, these slippers, baptized “silencieuses” in the 18th century, were used to maintain parquet floors. Today, each pair perpetuates a French tradition, combining comfort and history.

Since 1907, RONDINAUD, has been promoting French know-how and perpetuating its history through their Charentaises, which have been reinvented over the years while retaining their handcrafted, traditional charms.

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Products can be collected free of charge from our Lili Cabas boutiques in Paris, Lille and Bordeaux. Returns are free for France, Belgium and Germany.

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