Boots SOUTHFORK AZUL – Patricia Blanchet


The Southfork low-boot is certainly the best you will see today, tomorrow, this decade, and no matter what site you browse.



You’re looking at the obvious, that of a probable new leap forward in shoe history thanks to this new model that seems to have come out of a tale for a gifted child. The Southfork low-boot is an invitation to immediate pleasure. Heel height: 7 cm Navy blue leather, brown metallic detail Leather sole Made in Spain The leather used by Patricia is a very good quality leather, but like all beautiful materials, it requires sustained maintenance. This if you want your shoes to be always in excellent condition. To maintain a leather, it must be nourished with a greasy and generous cream that will give it a wonderful complexion. Avoid prolonged exposure to sun and water. If you want to give the color a boost, then you should apply a colored shoe polish. Your shoemaker will certainly have something to satisfy you on this subject. Be sure to remove the protective plastic on the sole before wearing your shoes.

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