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  Each collection of bags is combined with an accessory (pouches, wallets…)
To mix, combine or to savor individually… It’s up to you! Discover our unique creations.

Lili Cabas trademark

Creation and passion

Lili Cabas is a French leather goods brand, created in Paris in 2004 by Gaëlle Giard, a school graduate, former consultant and passionate about crafts and bags! Gaëlle chose to create an original brand, full of life, joy, love, travel and a twizzle of Paris.

She carefully selects the materials that make up her bags. Respect for the environment, control of transport, choice of workshops, beautiful manufacturing, are priority aspects for the designer.

Le choix des matières

De beaux cuirs venus d’Italie
aux couleurs de saison

Des modèles uniques

Une doublure 100% coton, très
souvent en wax coloré, différente
sur chaque modèle

Des sacs faits pour durer

Nous assurons le service
après-vente de nos produits
gratuitement pendant 2 ans.


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If needed, we are available by phone from Monday to Saturday and don’t worry, you have up to 30 days to return your item in case of exchange.

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